Finding the Best Spots Even When You’re New in Town

10 Jul

Apple's New iPhone 4s Goes On SaleHave you recently moved and are not quite sure how to make friends? It can be intimidating to know where to go to meet for a business lunch, no matter how well you know the area. However, imagine you are new to the landscape, what are you going to do? Download the Trist Insights App that gives you an insider’s advantage into every place in your new town.

Insights Apps are run by users, so when some users contribute, more users gain knowledge. You’ll know where to take your business associate and where to take out that guy you’ve been crushing on since you moved to town.

Where to Eat?

There are plenty of review sites that claim to have the best or most reviews for restaurants or fast-food places. However, an Insights App can give you real-time reviews of people who are already there. They can tell you how the burger of the day was, if there was a soup of the day, and what not to call the waitress.

Where to Get a Haircut?

Just like with restaurants, looking at pictures and reviews from months ago does offer some insight. However, when you are looking at a picture of a haircut that just happened minutes ago, you can feel a bit more reassured.

Where to Go Dancing?

Nightclubs and dance halls benefit greatly from Insights Apps. When people can see who all has arrived, then the excitement builds all the more. Are you early? Are you on time? Have you got the directions?

When you are new in town, you are probably going to be a little shy about going out your first time. That is OK. It happens. Just don’t show up at 7 when everyone knows people don’t arrive until 8. Insights Apps work. They work to help you. It’s a Jerry MaGuire sort of thing.

Where to Grab a Drink?

Mobile-app-game-marketFinding a place where everybody knows your name is the dream, as long as you don’t develop a drinking problem on the way. The app will tell you about all the bars in your given location and even show you pictures of what’s happening. You can view the menu and see what beers are on tap too.

How It Works

Insights Apps work from both the business and the consumer end. Both have information about gender, age, and income level about where they are going to be for the evening. They also have information on dress code, normal music type, what to expect on any given night, and pictures to back it up.

When you get involved, the Trist App gets even better. You can go from the new kid in school to the trendsetter of the entire town. Why not? It happens in the movies, and they have to get those plotlines from somewhere.

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