The Latest Thing to Hit New York City

20 Aug

New York City is always growing and evolving. It truly is the city that never sleeps, as its nightlife is as booming as what happens during the day. A person may think that this makes finding what to do easier but with more options, this makes taking a decision even harder. A location insights app can help make the decision easier.

Being Trendy in NYC

New York City is all about the trends. After all, it starts so many of them. So, how can people find the trendiest place without having to do trial and error? It is the latest thing to hit New York City and it is called a location insights app.

A location insights app uses a person’s location or their desired location, to determine where to go. This can be done for a drink, a meal, a hotel stay – the possibilities are endless. Before this app was created, people would have to just show up to see if the restaurant was decent or the club is the right style. Now, a person can get a glimpse of the place before even leaving home.


How It Works?

A location insights app works by gathering data from a number of data centers. They, in turn, use this data and can show a person how many men there are at the bar, how many women, what the income level is, and even if the weather is decent in that part of town.

It all comes down to what a person wants to do. Do they want a loud place, or a quiet corner to think? A location insights app will give the person all the information they need to know to make an informed decision. It’s the newest thing in NYC and everyone should have it.

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Posted by on August 20, 2014 in Technology


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