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Explore and Have Fun without Worrying About Landing in the Wrong Place

home-page-Thumbvista-1024x682It is easy to get stuck in the trap of spending your weekends in. It can be nice to put on a good movie and just relax and recuperate from the long week. But, you don’t want to become a permanent recluse. The weekends are the time to go out, have fun, and meet new people. In can be a little intimidating to find the right place to go, especially given all the options in the city. Trying new things doesn’t come easily to anyone, but there are things that can help. The Trist navigation insights app can recommend the best places for you to spend your time and can give you the boost you need to put yourself out there.

Cooler Than Ever

Once you do start going out, you will also need to keep up with the ever-changing trends in the city. What bars are entering the scene? Which restaurants are no longer cool or fashionable? The answers to these questions are changing so quickly that it can be hard to actually know what to think. With Trist, you won’t have to wonder any more. Trist uses in-the-moment data to keep track of what is trending and pre-trending so you won’t have to waste time worrying about it.

Make a Connection

Meeting new people is one of the other most important reasons to hit the town, behind having fun. But, this process always seems to be so much more difficult than it really needs to be. Being in the same place at the same time as someone you could connect with seems next to impossible. Well, not anymore. Trist uses lifestyle data in a unique algorithm to let you know what type of people will be spending time in what places. All you have to do is find the place with people who are the most similar to you.

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Travelling To Philadelphia Conveniently For A Great Time

angelflight1It does not matter if someone has been to Philadelphia one or a hundred times. There is always something new to see. There is always a new business opening up claiming to have that Philly feel. When travelling to Philly it helps to have an app that can run down the best places to eat, have a beer, enjoy some wine, or do some dancing. The app people want to have is a location insights app.

Find Choice Locations Easily

Dave Matthews Band sings “It’s not where you are, it’s who you’re with that really matters” and they are right. The people make the location. It’s not just about having the best burger in town or the longest bar in town. It is about having a place where people feel comfortable to be themselves.

A location insights app will tell the app user who all is at a place so they can determine if that is the crowd for them. It helps to have this information before going to the place so there is no time wasted in Philly or the Philly metro area.

Using the App

The app is based on where a person is located. This means people do not have to travel far to get to a good time in Philadelphia. The location insights app compiles data from several satellites and sources to give the most relevant and recent information to its users. This is how people find the best places to eat and drink in Philly.

Using a location insights app is like having the future in the palm of your hand. It is easy to use and pretty successful at finding the right place to be in Philadelphia at the right time. Anyone with a smartphone can and should have this app immediately.

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Choosing the Perfect Date Place

amazon-fire-phone-maps-landmark-1500x1000Going out on a first date is nerve racking. First, there is the initial asking out and then there is the panic that sets in after she says yes. Now, it is time to decide what to wear, what music to play, and most importantly, where to take her. Friends can help and give suggestions but when it comes to choosing a place to go, nothing is better than a location insights app. With an insights app, smartphone users can know all the details about where they are going so there are no surprises and only good experiences.

First Impressions

It took weeks to get up the nerve to ask her out, but it doesn’t have to take that long in deciding the perfect location. With Trist, a location insights app, people can find out the best place to eat, have a drink, shoot some pool, or go dancing all from the comforts of their smartphone. Now, people do not have to guess going place to place but can instead get an insider’s view from miles away.

With a location insights app, users are given secure data that shows a little more about the place be it the menu, who is there, what the price range is, and even if there are dance specials that evening. Users can also benefit from the weather report, so the umbrella will be ready before the first drop of rain falls.

Trusting Insight

There was a reason this date was chosen in the first place. Obviously, there is some chemistry. Let that chemistry build naturally in a place everyone is sure to enjoy. Get a nice spot for dinner, a fun place for drinks, and don’t forget to think about dessert. It is all there in the Trist app just waiting to be unleashed.

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Tips On Traveling to Connecticut

1360295360947.cachedTraveling to Connecticut is different than say New York City. It is a big city life with a small town feel. However, that doesn’t mean people can’t get lost. Make the trip easier by downloading a location insights app like Trist. Trist tells each user where to go and why that is the best place.
It helps people make the most out of their trip, be it for personal or business reasons.

Know Where to Go

Knowing where to go is one of the most difficult questions to answer, when traveling somewhere new. Even when people have been to a place in Connecticut a dozen times that doesn’t mean they have tried all that the city has to offer.

What needs to be done?

● Make a hotel reservation before leaving
● Create a rough sketch of things you’d like to do
● Get traveler’s checks
● Inform the bank that you will be traveling to avoid any credit card failures
● Download a location insights app

A location insights app like Trist is one that people are beginning to trust for all their travel needs. Finding the cheapest, best place to stay just got a whole lot easier, as did finding the restaurant to take out your traveling companion.

Crazy for Connecticut

People who have been to Connecticut a dozen times or for the first time are sure to fall in love with the state. The clean air, beautiful trees, and gorgeous scenery are enough to make anyone want to live there. It is especially helpful when visitors feel like they fit in and when they use Trist, they can fit in because they will know where the party is too.

Trist is the app to trust when it comes to traveling. Have fun on this next visit to Connecticut.

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