Tips On Traveling to Connecticut

04 Oct

1360295360947.cachedTraveling to Connecticut is different than say New York City. It is a big city life with a small town feel. However, that doesn’t mean people can’t get lost. Make the trip easier by downloading a location insights app like Trist. Trist tells each user where to go and why that is the best place.
It helps people make the most out of their trip, be it for personal or business reasons.

Know Where to Go

Knowing where to go is one of the most difficult questions to answer, when traveling somewhere new. Even when people have been to a place in Connecticut a dozen times that doesn’t mean they have tried all that the city has to offer.

What needs to be done?

● Make a hotel reservation before leaving
● Create a rough sketch of things you’d like to do
● Get traveler’s checks
● Inform the bank that you will be traveling to avoid any credit card failures
● Download a location insights app

A location insights app like Trist is one that people are beginning to trust for all their travel needs. Finding the cheapest, best place to stay just got a whole lot easier, as did finding the restaurant to take out your traveling companion.

Crazy for Connecticut

People who have been to Connecticut a dozen times or for the first time are sure to fall in love with the state. The clean air, beautiful trees, and gorgeous scenery are enough to make anyone want to live there. It is especially helpful when visitors feel like they fit in and when they use Trist, they can fit in because they will know where the party is too.

Trist is the app to trust when it comes to traveling. Have fun on this next visit to Connecticut.

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