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Try Trist, the Location Insights App to Find the Best Sports Bars in Brooklyn

images 3Want to catch the football game on the big screen? It’s time to forget that you are travelling and start acting like a local. Pull out the smartphone and pull up the Trist app. This location insights app will help anyone find the best place to watch the game in Brooklyn. It can also give you an update on the traffic to see which train you need to take to make it to the big screen and the big game.

How does it Work

A person could call up every bar in Brooklyn and see which games they are playing and their hours, etc. Alternatively, they could use their smartphone and find out all the information in the palm of their hand without having to call anyone. It’s called Trist and it is a location insights app that helps smartphone users be even smarter. By using real time data and user input, Trist is able to best rank the sports bars in Brooklyn.

Cheese Fries, Please

In addition to the big game, there are other things that make the game big. For instance, a guy may want to try Brooklyn brewed beers. Then his friend may want a nice heavy helping of cheese fries. So now you need a place that is showing the game, brewing local beers, and serving cheese fries. Trist can find all that information for you and make sure that it is in your general location so you don’t have to ride on the subway that long.

Download the App

Before you go to Brooklyn, move to Brooklyn, or claim to be a long term resident, download the Trist app so you will really know what is up. Now from the comfort of the smartphone anyone can find what they need to do in Brooklyn.

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Find Where You Need to Be Spending Your Leisure Hours, Fast and Easy

47b0b58a35b8d3f5e4a41f9fd2ee41c3612111f5Knowing the right place to go during your free time can be difficult and a little intimidating. The uncertainty associated with trying new places can leave you wanting to just spend the weekends in the house with your TV for company. But that isn’t the way to live your life. The navigation insights app called Trist can ease any anxieties about choosing where to go. Trist will let you know what hangouts are the best in your city. Going out is so much easier once you already have a plan of where you want to go and what you want to do. Now, all that’s missing is the people you will be going out with.

Meet Someone New

The older you get, the harder it is to meet new people. Yet, the main thing most people are searching for is just a meaningful connection. It might seem impossible to meet an important person while out on the town, but it’s really not—especially not with Trist. Trist uses an advanced algorithm to let you know what types of people will be spending time in certain places. With this information, you can go out knowing you are more likely to meet someone who you will get along with. And, it can give you the extra courage you need to strike up the connection.

Don’t Miss a Beat

When you are going out on the weekends and meeting new people, it is important to not get left behind in the world of trends. Trends are constantly changing and shifting, so it is quite difficult to stay on top of them. But, Trist uses real-time information on what is trending and even pre-trending to keep you informed. You can know what hangout has become boring this week and which ones will be the hot topics next week.

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Simple Dining Out Options

Toto's RestaurantWhen there is very little time left in the day, people need a simple way to determine the best choices for dining out or going out for the evening.  There are many apps that make recommendations, but none are as complete as Trist. The Trist app combines simplicity with tremendous intelligence to give you a simple way to pick a restaurant, bar, pub, night club or any other location quickly and easily.

Some of the neat features of Trist include:

• Map-based recommendations using the location you set – you will quickly know what places are in your area.  You can choose locations in a 5 mile radius, 10 mile, or other selections.  If you are visiting a city you can enter the location and find nearby restaurants or bars.
• Narrow your selection based on your preferences – set particular criteria that Trist will use to find the best choices.  For example you may want only sports bars that cater to singles.  Trist uses your preferences and makes a recommendation.
• Know about the location before you get there – Trist will provide you with all kinds of details using information from multiple sources.  For example you can know the number of social media check-ins, traffic information, parking suggestions, weather reports, and even the number of men and women who are attending for the evening plus their age range.
• Spur of the moment or plan ahead – with the up-to-date information available from Trist you can access the app from your mobile phone at any time and get a quick recommendation for a last minute night out or plan a date night ahead of time.

The Trist mobile app can simplify your life whether you are traveling or if you are just around town looking for something interesting.  Trist makes your choices simple and easy!

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