Simple Dining Out Options

07 Nov

Toto's RestaurantWhen there is very little time left in the day, people need a simple way to determine the best choices for dining out or going out for the evening.  There are many apps that make recommendations, but none are as complete as Trist. The Trist app combines simplicity with tremendous intelligence to give you a simple way to pick a restaurant, bar, pub, night club or any other location quickly and easily.

Some of the neat features of Trist include:

• Map-based recommendations using the location you set – you will quickly know what places are in your area.  You can choose locations in a 5 mile radius, 10 mile, or other selections.  If you are visiting a city you can enter the location and find nearby restaurants or bars.
• Narrow your selection based on your preferences – set particular criteria that Trist will use to find the best choices.  For example you may want only sports bars that cater to singles.  Trist uses your preferences and makes a recommendation.
• Know about the location before you get there – Trist will provide you with all kinds of details using information from multiple sources.  For example you can know the number of social media check-ins, traffic information, parking suggestions, weather reports, and even the number of men and women who are attending for the evening plus their age range.
• Spur of the moment or plan ahead – with the up-to-date information available from Trist you can access the app from your mobile phone at any time and get a quick recommendation for a last minute night out or plan a date night ahead of time.

The Trist mobile app can simplify your life whether you are traveling or if you are just around town looking for something interesting.  Trist makes your choices simple and easy!

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