Try Trist, the Location Insights App to Find the Best Sports Bars in Brooklyn

20 Nov

images 3Want to catch the football game on the big screen? It’s time to forget that you are travelling and start acting like a local. Pull out the smartphone and pull up the Trist app. This location insights app will help anyone find the best place to watch the game in Brooklyn. It can also give you an update on the traffic to see which train you need to take to make it to the big screen and the big game.

How does it Work

A person could call up every bar in Brooklyn and see which games they are playing and their hours, etc. Alternatively, they could use their smartphone and find out all the information in the palm of their hand without having to call anyone. It’s called Trist and it is a location insights app that helps smartphone users be even smarter. By using real time data and user input, Trist is able to best rank the sports bars in Brooklyn.

Cheese Fries, Please

In addition to the big game, there are other things that make the game big. For instance, a guy may want to try Brooklyn brewed beers. Then his friend may want a nice heavy helping of cheese fries. So now you need a place that is showing the game, brewing local beers, and serving cheese fries. Trist can find all that information for you and make sure that it is in your general location so you don’t have to ride on the subway that long.

Download the App

Before you go to Brooklyn, move to Brooklyn, or claim to be a long term resident, download the Trist app so you will really know what is up. Now from the comfort of the smartphone anyone can find what they need to do in Brooklyn.

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