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Finding the Closest Coffee Shop to me is a Lot Easier Now

construction-site-frankThe other day I had to ask Google where the closest coffee shop to me was but that isn’t easy because I don’t know my neighborhood. It’s because like most things in New York there are always changes happening and I like to be up on the know, whichever borough I’m in. So I was pleased when my new location insights app, Trist, could tell me exactly where to go and how to get there. It was the easiest way to get my caffeine fix.

Coffee Shop Locator

I love to try different coffee shops. Everyone has a different brew of coffee and it’s nice to see so many different baristas taking to their art so well. Not everyone does the standard leaf. The latte art is among my favorite things. That and if there are any in-house baked goodies to try.

When I use Trist it is the best coffee shop locator. It not only can pinpoint my location but tell me the best places to go. After all, I’m a bit of a coffee snob. I don’t want a cup of Joe from the 7-11. I want something special.

Knowing the Neighborhood

What’s more important than the cup of coffee is supporting my local neighborhood. Businesses need all the help they can get in this dismal economy. And what better time to help them out than right now?

I want to support my neighborhood and help it grow. If that means I have to become a coffee snob and go to all the different places then I gladly sign up for the task (well, I am already doing it after all). Get to know your neighborhood and find the perfect coffee shop in New York City by using a location services app like Trist.

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Beat Loneliness with an Event Finder App

concertDownloading an event finder app may change a person’s life. That may sound a bit drastic but think about it. A person goes from not knowing their surroundings to being comfortable enough to call neighborhood spots home. That can make or break a person’s social life. And if a person is all work and no play, well, they are a dull boy indeed. People have to find a balance and an event finder app that finds local events in New York City can help even the most introvert people come out and play.

Local Events App NYC

Trist is a local events app that helps people in NYC find their way around. It helps them find the coffee place to go in the morning, the venues in the afternoon, and the bars and clubs at night. Yes, it has the place to take the family. Yes, it has the place to take the business client. The data is all based on the user’s location and the data available for that particular spot.

Most often people are able to find out who else is at the local events and when and where they are located. This gives the person a sense of local culture and gets them out of the tourist role. Everyone can go to central park, but what’s going on at the bar down the street? A location insights app like Trist is going to help people find that out.

Add it to the Calendar

One of the cool things about Trist is that it tells the user how many people are expected at a place. For instance, a particular group of people could have checked in for the event through Facebook. Trist knows that and helps the user know it. Everyone wins and people can find their kind of crowd by using an event finder app.

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