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Finding the Best Eating Places Near Me in a Few Seconds

WineWhen I begin my search for finding the best eating places near me I listen to the most important thing of all; my stomach. Listening to my guts is the best way to find a place that is tasty enough and hardy enough to fulfill my appetite. I also use my secret weapon, the Trist app, which can find all the restaurants around me no matter where I am. Living in New York this is a God send as everyday I’m in a different part of the city.

Using a Location Insights App

Trist is a location insights app that pinpoints a smartphone’s location and updates the places to eat, wine, dine, and dance in accordance to that location. All of it is done with state-of-the-art technology that protects the user’s data while delivering them the best list of restaurants, bars, and clubs.

These types of location insight apps are becoming very popular today as more people have cellphones but still don’t know their way around town. Trist tells you where to go and how to get there.

What All Can You Know?

One of the biggest things I need to know before I go somewhere is if there is a crowd. Trist uses its satellite technology to tell how many people are at a restaurant, are they male, female, what do they get paid…everything I need to know about the best eating places.

Now that I know who all are there, I can figure out how to dress, when to go, or if I should just send my associate to pick up lunch. Trist really does give me the best options for breakfast in the morning, coffee around the clock, a tasty lunch, and a rewarding dinner. So when I’m looking for the best places to eat near me I’m going with Trist every time.

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