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The Closest Coffee Shop: Four of the Coolest Cafes in NYC

bar-seven-five_s345x230New York City is known for its multitude of cafes. Many of these cafes having something unique about them that makes them worth visiting. Check out some of these cool cafes, and see which one is the closest coffee shop to your apartment.

Brooklyn Roasting Company

Located in DUMBO, the Brooklyn Roasting Company is known for their delicious roasts and their variety of homemade pastries. The café is located in a large, industrial-looking space with plenty of tables. They also have free Wi-Fi for those who like a little internet with their coffee. Plus, the entire café is eco-friendly, so you’ll be saving the environment as you enjoy your cup of coffee.

Ground Support

Ground Support is located in SoHo, and their café features a beautifully designed interior that includes cedar wood tables that were built by the café owner himself. Their menu is large and varied, with plenty of coffee options, salads, sandwiches, and pastries. If you’re in SoHo, be sure to check out this café.

Kaffe 1668

Kaffe 1668 has locations in Midtown and Tribeca, and they’re known for their quirky decorations, that include shelves of stuffed sheep and paintings of sheep.  They have a variety of roasts available from all over the world, and they also serve cold pressed juices. Plus, they have tasty breakfast and lunch menus that are worth trying.


This coffee shop is perfect for anyone who lives in Long Island City. Sweetleaf is committed to making the perfect cup of coffee. Plus, the café itself has a warm atmosphere, and it’s filled with comfortable antique furniture that makes the shop feel homely. Sweetleaf was only founded in 2008, but it’s already making a name for itself in New York City.

These are just four of the many locally owned coffee shops located throughout New York City. You can use a café and restaurant-locating app like Trist to find the best coffee shops in your neighborhood.  An app like Trist will help you find the best cool new coffee shops around.

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Using a Local Events App at the Food Book Fair

bookfair_6If you’ve been feeling lately like your routine is the same day in and day out, it may be time to check out some new bars, restaurants, and events. A local events app like Trist can help you find cool things going on near you. If you’re in the New York City metropolitan area, one upcoming event that you might want to check out is the Food Book Fair.

Founded in 2012, this year’s Food Book Fair will be happening from April 12-15, and it will be hosted in the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn. It features talks by authors, magazine editors, chefs, bakers, butchers, and restaurant. There will be panels about women in the food industry, the science of food labeling, how to create a food book, the history of Chinese food in America, and much more. Anybody who’s curious about the food industry will find a panel that will interest them.

If you’re hungry, there will be tastings throughout the fair. Some of the highlights include San Francisco-based Bar Tartine’s new American cuisine, and an oyster happy hour put on by Island Creek Oysters and Brooklyn Brewery.  Some of the panels will also incorporate tastings into their discussions. You won’t have to worry about going hungry at this book fair.

If you want to continue the festivities after the fair, Trist can help you find happening bars near the book fair venue. Or, if you’re still hungry, the app will guide you to the best restaurants in the area. The Food Book Fair is a chance to check out an interesting local event. It will also allow you to explore the bars and restaurants in an area of New York City that you may not have been to before. This is an event that’s worth checking out.

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