Where’s The Closest Coffee Shop For Fun And Games?

19 Jun

1761360_ratio1x1_width3511What do you go to a coffee shop for? Coffee, sure. Maybe a bagel or a donut, of course. Then on the weekend maybe a chance to sit, sip, and relax reading the paper, or catching up with friends on your tablet or iPad. It’s sort of a nice thing to do, but suppose you could get a lot more out of the time you spend at your coffee shop. For example, how about meeting some new people in your age group? People of the opposite sex would be a definite plus, or just a group who enjoy some of the things that you do – sports, movies, clubbing, whatever. This would be the closest coffee shop for not only coffee, but for potential fun and games as well. Would you go to such a place? Of course you would, but how would you find it? Up until now it’s been pretty much a hit or miss proposition. But no longer. Here in New York City there’s an app that can tell you exactly where that coffee shop is. It’s called Trist ( and it’s changing the way people meet, make new friends, and get a lot more out of a coffee shop than just caffeine!

Here’s how Trist works

Once you click on the app, a whole bunch of the closest coffee shops near you appear on the screen. But here’s the beauty of Trist: The app tells you how many people are in the coffee shop (in real time), what the age grouping is, and the ratio of males to females. For example, Carl’s Coffee comes up. Trist tells you that the age grouping is largely folks in their 40s and 50s. This is not what you’re looking for so you move on. Duke’s Donuts is next. At Duke’s the age group is largely in their 20s and 30s. This is good. Then, you note that the ratio of males to females (remember, this is in real time!) is 4 to 6. This is even better. So, out you head out to Duke’s armed with the knowledge that you’re going to a place that might hold intriguing possibilities! Also secure in the knowledge that you won’t be in a coffee shop where everyone is the age of your parents.

Plus there’s more

What Trist does for coffee shops, it also does for restaurants, bars and pubs, and it works 24/7/365. Think of the possibilities. There’s a whole new world out there, and Trist puts it at your fingertips. Looking for a place to go in the evening (or even lunch), and Trist is there to guide you.

It’s all about upping your odds

Trist does exactly that. It takes the hit-or-miss out of going out. It gives you the best opportunity of meeting new people in your own age group, in a great social atmosphere. No more same-old-same-old. Every time you click on Trist you can get set for a new, exciting venture. So the next time you ask yourself where-is-a-great-coffee-shop-near-me, you have the answer – Trist!

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