The Coffee Shop Locator App that’s Off the Beaten Path

21 Nov

A warimage(3)m flavorful cup of coffee can be a Zen-like experience for many people.  Some may prefer a traditional black coffee while others may seek something unique or festive.  And while there are plenty of mainstream coffee chains around, you may want something that is a little off the beaten path.  A nice neighborhood coffee shop can not only provide amazing service and delicious flavors – it can also provide a way for you to contribute to the community and interact with fellow coffee enthusiasts.

Find Your Ideal Coffee Shop

Trist is the premier coffee shop locator app that provides much more than just the address of a nearby establishment.  When you are ready for a great coffee shop experience, download Trist to get the inside information including:

• Specialty item highlights and promotions for each location
• Distance from your location including traffic patterns, parking information and more
• Activities at the coffee shop including special tastings, performances, or giveaways
• Demographic data on coffee shop visitors including age range, general location, time of day and more
• Social media check-in statistics showing trends for best times to get the best coffee or meet new people
• Pictures showing the coffee shop and its featured products

When you are ready to grab a great beverage, Trist delivers a coffee shop finder app that provides insights and options you may never have even noticed before.  Discover coffee shops in the NYC area that can be a great find with welcoming service and a great atmosphere to meet new people while tasting some of the finest coffees available.

Your coffee adventure awaits!  Use the Trist app by easily downloading to your phone and then searching for a coffee shop.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the new places you can discover that are just around the corner or just across town!

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