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The Coffee Shop Locator App that’s Off the Beaten Path

A warimage(3)m flavorful cup of coffee can be a Zen-like experience for many people.  Some may prefer a traditional black coffee while others may seek something unique or festive.  And while there are plenty of mainstream coffee chains around, you may want something that is a little off the beaten path.  A nice neighborhood coffee shop can not only provide amazing service and delicious flavors – it can also provide a way for you to contribute to the community and interact with fellow coffee enthusiasts.

Find Your Ideal Coffee Shop

Trist is the premier coffee shop locator app that provides much more than just the address of a nearby establishment.  When you are ready for a great coffee shop experience, download Trist to get the inside information including:

• Specialty item highlights and promotions for each location
• Distance from your location including traffic patterns, parking information and more
• Activities at the coffee shop including special tastings, performances, or giveaways
• Demographic data on coffee shop visitors including age range, general location, time of day and more
• Social media check-in statistics showing trends for best times to get the best coffee or meet new people
• Pictures showing the coffee shop and its featured products

When you are ready to grab a great beverage, Trist delivers a coffee shop finder app that provides insights and options you may never have even noticed before.  Discover coffee shops in the NYC area that can be a great find with welcoming service and a great atmosphere to meet new people while tasting some of the finest coffees available.

Your coffee adventure awaits!  Use the Trist app by easily downloading to your phone and then searching for a coffee shop.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the new places you can discover that are just around the corner or just across town!

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Five Nice Lunch Places Near Me

Let me tell you how I find nice lunch places near me? Trist can help you find some of the best places to eat in your city. When you’re ready for a mid-day meal, try one of these places.

Tria Taproom

This Philadelphia restaurant offers two-course weekday lunches. If you don’t like the lunch special offerings, you can try one of the restaurant’s other signature dishes, including beer burgers and wood-fired pizzas.


If you want a meal made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients, Agricola is the place for you. This restaurant has a special lunch menu which features plenty for both vegetarians and meat-eaters. They also have a variety of unique cocktails you can have with your meal. Agricola is located in Princeton, New Jersey.

Le Bon Choix

Le Bon Choix is a local favorite in Ridgewood, New Jersey. The restaurant merges traditional French rotisserie with flavors from the American South. You can get the restaurant’s rotisserie chicken with classic Southern sides, including cornbread or potato salad. Or, you can opt for one of Le Bon Choix’s great sandwiches.

The Picnic Basket

Located in Midtown Manhattan, this café serves hearty sandwiches, gourmet salads, and a variety of coffee drinks. You can eat in the cozy restaurant, or you can take your meal to nearby Central Park for a New York City-style picnic.

Louis’ Lunch

Louis’ Lunch is one of the most historic restaurants in Connecticut. Founded in 1895, this restaurant claims to have invented the hamburger. Even if this is just a rumor, it’s worth trying one of their original burgers on toast. For dessert, have a slice of their homemade pie.

These five places all offer delicious lunch menus that are guaranteed to fill you up. Use Trist to locate one of these eating places near me.

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Using Nearby Restaurant Apps in the Tri-State Area

t_00k1If you live in the tri-state area, Trist is the perfect app for you. Trist is one of the best nearby restaurant apps for Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York City, and Connecticut. Here are some ways to use this app to find restaurants around the tri-state area.

Find New Restaurants near your Home

Tired of going out to the same old places in your town? Use Trist to find restaurants that are located near you. You can search for restaurants in nearby towns. Or, you can use the app to discover newly opened restaurants in your town. Before you head over to the restaurant, check their Trist page to see their hours, specials, trends, and user comments.

Use it on a Road Trip

The tri-state area is a great place to go on a road trip—there are different cities, suburbs, and rural areas to explore in these states. When you get hungry, you can use Trist to find restaurants that are near your current location. You can even compare nearby restaurants on Trist. When you do that, you’ll be able to see which restaurant has the most patrons, which is reviewed most favorably, and which has a menu that appeals to you. Be sure to use Trist throughout your whole road trip. That way, you’ll always get to eat at great places.

Give Recommendations to Friends

If you have a friend visiting the tri-state area and they ask for a restaurant recommendation, you can use Trist. You can show friends your Trist list to give them some ideas for good restaurants in your area. Or, if they’re looking for a certain type of food, you can search in your restaurant locator app for places near you that serve that cuisine.

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Ways to Use the Best Bar Finder App

When the weekend comes, you should celebrate your time off work by going to a great bar with your friends. With Trist, finding the perfect bar is easy. Here are some of the ways you can use the best bar finder app.


Find a Bar that Specializes in your Favorite Drink

Are you looking for a bar that specializes in craft beer, wine, whiskey, gin, vodka, or any other type of alcohol? Your app can help you find the bar that you want. Just type the name of your preferred type of drink into the Trist search bar. Or, you can check the menus on the pages of bars located near you. When you do that, you’ll be able to see if the bar has the type of drink that you like. With Trist, you’ll always be able to find a bar that serves your favorite drink.

Look for Themed Bars

If you want to go to a bar with a specific theme, you can use your app to find that too. If, for example, you want to go to a jazz bar, use your app to search for all of the jazz bars near you. If there are a few jazz bars nearby, you can use Trist’s comparison feature. You can compare up to three bars at a time, and you’ll be able to see their trends, photos, comments, and specials. This will help you find the bar that’s right for you.

When you’re ready to begin the hunt for good bars in your town, download Trist. When you open the app, you’ll see a dial with options for bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and coffee shops. Spin the dial to the ‘bars’ option and begin your search for the best bars around.

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Finding Eating Places Near me for Special Occasions

dining2Looking for somewhere to celebrate a birthday, engagement, graduation, or any other type of special occasion? Use a restaurant finding app. Here’s how Trist can aid in your search for fine dining eating places near me.

Choose your Cuisine

For your special occasion, you should go somewhere that serves your favorite dish, whether that’s seafood, steak, or Asian fusion.  You can use your app to search for the cuisine you love. Type in the name of the cuisine you want, and your app will list all of the places near you that serve that food.

Check Reviews and Compare Restaurants

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few restaurants that look tasty, start checking reviews and comparing restaurants. You’ll find user reviews on the restaurant’s page. Be sure to read through a few of these reviews to get a good sense of what people like and dislike about the restaurant.

After reading reviews, start comparing restaurants. With Trist’s comparison feature, you can compare up to three venues at a time. You’ll be able to look at their trends, their specials, and the comments users have made about each of the restaurants. This comparison feature helps you make your final decision about where to eat.

Find a Bar for Afterwards

After you eat dinner, you’ll probably want to have a few celebratory drinks at a nice bar. You can use your app to locate bars near the restaurant you’re eating at. On the bars’ pages, you’ll be able to scroll through their drink specials and user reviews. Once you decide on a bar, use the app’s built-in GPS to guide you to your chosen venue. After eating a delicious meal, you’ll be able to end the night with a toast to your special occasion.

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Using an Android App to Find Nearby Restaurants

wondee-siam-new-york-city-cc-flickrDo you want to go somewhere special for dinner tonight? All you need to do is download Trist into your smartphone. You can get this restaurant finding app for both Apple and Android phones. If you have an Android, here’s how to use the Android App to find nearby restaurants.

Download the App from the Google Play Store

You can get the Trist app for free on the Google Play store. Just hit ‘install,’ and the app will immediately download to your phone. Once the app is on your phone, it will use the GPS to find your location. Then, it will list all of the nearby restaurants.

Look through Restaurants near You

If you’re not sure what type of cuisine you want to eat, just scroll through all the restaurants located near you until something catches your eye. Then, you can click on the restaurant’s page and check out user reviews, photos, and menus. If you’re stuck between a few choices, you can compare up to three restaurants at a time. When you compare the restaurants, you’ll be able to see their trends, reviews, opening hours, and more. You can continue looking through your app until you find a restaurant that’s perfect for you.

Map out your Route

Once you’ve chosen a restaurant, your app will guide you to it from your current location. You won’t have to worry about getting lost trying to find a new restaurant when you’re using an app.

Favorite the Restaurant

After eating, if you really liked the restaurant, you can add it to your Trist list. Then, you’ll be able to easily find it if you want to eat there again. You’ll always be able to find the names of the restaurants you liked when you’re using an Android app.

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Five Types of Restaurants you can find with a Restaurant Mobile App

restaurantAre you planning on going out to eat tonight? Turn on your restaurant mobile app and start searching. Here are five kinds of restaurants you can find with your app.

Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants

Don’t eat meat? No problem! Just search for vegetarian and vegan restaurants on your app. Then, you’ll be able to see a variety of nearby meat-free restaurants. You can compare these restaurants until you find the one that’s right for you.

Ethnic Cuisines

The tri-state area and New York City contain restaurants that serve dishes from all over the world. If you want to sample one of these cuisines, search for it in your app. You can then check restaurants’ menus and read user reviews.

Seafood Restaurants

Are you in the mood for something from the ocean? Look up ‘seafood’ in your app. You’ll be able to compare all of the seafood restaurants near you, and you’ll also get to see their prices. Plus, you’ll be able to view pictures of the restaurants and some of their dishes.

Fast Food

If you’re in a hurry, you can search for fast food joints in your app. You’ll see all of the restaurants near you that serve food to-go. You can also search for specific fast food restaurants. You’ll be able to find exactly what you want on your app.


If you want a ribeye, you can find plenty of steakhouses on Trist. Be sure to check out the steakhouses’ menus to see if they serve the type of meat you’re looking for.

These are just a few of the many restaurants that you can find when you use an app. No matter what type of cuisine you love, Trist can find the perfect place for you.

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