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Using Nearby Restaurant Apps in the Tri-State Area

t_00k1If you live in the tri-state area, Trist is the perfect app for you. Trist is one of the best nearby restaurant apps for Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York City, and Connecticut. Here are some ways to use this app to find restaurants around the tri-state area.

Find New Restaurants near your Home

Tired of going out to the same old places in your town? Use Trist to find restaurants that are located near you. You can search for restaurants in nearby towns. Or, you can use the app to discover newly opened restaurants in your town. Before you head over to the restaurant, check their Trist page to see their hours, specials, trends, and user comments.

Use it on a Road Trip

The tri-state area is a great place to go on a road trip—there are different cities, suburbs, and rural areas to explore in these states. When you get hungry, you can use Trist to find restaurants that are near your current location. You can even compare nearby restaurants on Trist. When you do that, you’ll be able to see which restaurant has the most patrons, which is reviewed most favorably, and which has a menu that appeals to you. Be sure to use Trist throughout your whole road trip. That way, you’ll always get to eat at great places.

Give Recommendations to Friends

If you have a friend visiting the tri-state area and they ask for a restaurant recommendation, you can use Trist. You can show friends your Trist list to give them some ideas for good restaurants in your area. Or, if they’re looking for a certain type of food, you can search in your restaurant locator app for places near you that serve that cuisine.

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Looking For The Best Restaurant Locator App? Look No Further Than Trist

There are restaurant locator apps, and there are restaurant locator apps. Trouble is, most of them get stale. They’ll give you the address of a restaurant, tell you what type of food it serves, and maybe even hint at what it costs to eat there. Problem is, you don’t know if that information is a day old, or was put on the site five years ago. So, off you go for an evening of Italian food at Papa Paul’s, only to find out that it now serves Thai. Hey, this is New York City, these things do happen! If only you’d used Trist.

If Italian food is your thing, Trist could have directed you to any number of Italian restaurants and given you information on the location, the menu, the costs, the specials, the atmosphere, and a whole lot more. And it does all this in real time. No more stale information, no more wasted evenings in restaurants that didn’t live up to their “billing”. And Trist goes even further!

Whatever type of dining venue you’re looking for, Trist will find it

Let’s say you’re a sports fan and you’re looking for a great sports bar, with a galaxy of huge flat-screens, and a menu that covers everything from burgers to chicken wings. Trist will find you a bunch of them. Or, perhaps you’re a jazz enthusiast. Dixieland, blues, or anything in between, Trist knows where they are, and who’s playing there tonight. If your thing is country and western, Trist can direct you to clubs you never knew existed. And the list goes on and on.

And Trist isn’t limited to restaurants

Let’s say you’d like to spend an evening at a friendly pub that has a great atmosphere and is frequented by fun people. Or, maybe you’re looking for a bar that serves generous drinks in a nice, relaxing atmosphere. Clubbing your thing? You wouldn’t believe how many clubs there are in the Big Apple, and Trist will help you find just about every one of them.

No more standing in line to get into a club only to find out it wasn’t what you were looking for – or expected! Trist will tell you in real time what’s going on. Are you beginning to get the feeling that Trist might be something you’d like to download?

Go it alone at your peril!

Seriously, not to over-dramatize the situation, but how many times have you gone into a restaurant or bar, only to find out it wasn’t remotely what you expected. But once in, you’re stuck there wasting not only your time, but your money as well. Or perhaps you were planning a special evening for yourself and your significant other at a great restaurant, only to be served sub-par food at outrageous prices. It’s happened to all of us, but with Trist, you’ll never be caught in situations like these again. So, get with the action, download Trist and join the thousands who go Tristing every day!

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Looking For A Seriously Different Type Of Restaurant Locator App?

2013-10-02-diningappspromonewistockphoto_thinkstockI know, you’re sitting there saying a restaurant locator app is just a restaurant locator app. What could be new and different? They’re all pretty much the same aren’t they? Well, surprise, surprise, they’re actually not. There’s 12 zillion dining locator apps out there, and then there’s Trist. And Trist is, hands down, the best app for finding restaurants that you’ll really want to go to. Why? Because it gives you more information for just about any restaurant in New York City than you can think of. What do I mean by “more”? Read on and be amazed!

Some apps give you a location. Trist gives you the whole story

What do you go to a restaurant for? The food and drinks, certainly. But that’s only half the equation. The other half is for the ambiance and atmosphere of the restaurant. A dining establishment may have the best lasagna in the city, but if it’s next to a municipal garbage dump, you probably wouldn’t want to go there. So, you’re looking for a balance. Now, there are a zillion restaurant locator apps out there, but not one of them can bring you right into the front door of a restaurant and tell you what’s going on – in real time! Trist can. Let me explain.

It’s like the Cheers thing

Remember the lyrics? You want to go where everybody knows your name – and they’re always glad you came. That’s what I’d be looking for, and I’m sure you are too. Now, other restaurant locator apps give you the location, sometimes the menu, occasionally the rating. Trist does that, of course. Then it goes a giant step further. Let me set the scene for you: It’s Friday night, you’re looking for a restaurant and bar to go to, and hopefully meet people your own age and have some fun. You log onto Trist, put in your criteria, and the search begins. Let’s say you’re looking for an informal pub restaurant setting. Trist comes up the ones that fit your criteria, and you start checking them out.

No more wasted evenings, wasted money, and dashed hopes

Trist will put all that behind you. And what it does for restaurants, it also does for bars, clubs, events, and even coffee shops. From morning to night, Trist will cover you, wherever you want to go in New York City. Plus, it’s a snap to use, and can be downloaded in seconds. Don’t you think now would be a good time to visit ?

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