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Where Is The Closest Coffee Shop

140304160355-coffee-cities---reykjavik-horizontal-large-galleryBut more important, where is the closest coffee shop that delivers more than just coffee? What do we mean by that? Well, let’s set the scene: It’s Saturday morning, usually a great day in New York City any time of year. You’d like to read the paper or maybe do a little texting, grab a cappuccino, a scone, and just relax and take in the ambiance. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But wouldn’t it sound better if the coffee shop you chose had a bunch of people your own age, and preferably a good many of them of the opposite sex? And wouldn’t it be still better if you knew where to find the closest coffee shop like that? Of course it would. But up until now it’s pretty much been a hit or miss situation. No longer. Enter Trist, the app that takes the guesswork out of getting great coffee, and possibly making great new friends.

If you want more from your coffee shop, you want Trist

Let’s go back to that scenario we discussed. Probably most of the time you want coffee you go to your regular hang out. What the heck, it’s there, it’s close, and the coffee’s okay. But that’s about it. You run into the same people, have the same conversations, and realize it’s just the same old thing. If you’re looking for fun, you’re not going to find it there. But now imagine this: You click on Trist and it brings up the closest coffee shops near you. No big deal there, but then wonderment begins! Trist actually tells you who’s there – and in real time! Seriously.

How Trist works

Once you bring up that list of coffee shops near you, you start investigating. Charlie’s Coffee Shop shows up, and you check it out. Let’s see, Trist tells you that age range of the people there is primarily in their 40s and 50s. Not exactly the demographic you’re looking for. So you scroll down to Dan’s Coffee & Donuts. At Dan’s the age group is in their 20s and 30s. This is good. But then you see that ratio of males to females is 8 to 2. This is not so good, so you scroll a little further and find Susan’s Scones & Coffee. And voila! the group here is also in their 20s and 30s, but the ratio of males to females is 3 to 7. Now, this looks very promising.

So, you head for Susan’s, meet the love of your life, marry, have two kids, win the lottery and live happily ever after! Or, you could just meet someone who’s very attractive and pay for her coffee. Hey, that’s all up to you!

You really have to get this app

And did we mention that it also works for bars, pubs and restaurants? It does. So Trist can take you from coffee to cocktails 24/7 – Monday through Sunday. Is this not great? So get the app, start putting a little fun in your life, and join the thousands of other Tristers in the Big Apple. You’re going to love it!

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There Are Plenty Of Restaurant Mobile Apps Out There. So What Makes Trist Different?

1240-iphone-section-apps-bgFirst let’s take a moment and tell you what regular restaurant apps do. Well, they tell you the name and location of the restaurant/bar. Always a good thing to know! Then, they might delve into the menu, tell you how expensive it might be, and finally, allot it a number of stars – one star being the lowest rating, and five stars the highest. This is all well and good, but the problem is it only tells you about half of what you really want to know. What’s the rest, and where does Trist come in? Read on.

Take a typical Saturday night

Or any night of the week for that matter. You want to go out and meet some new people. Specifically people around your own age. You want to make new friends, engage in new conversations, and just get out of the rut you find yourself in. You know, going to the same pub or restaurant, seeing the same people, taking about the same stuff. In a word – boring! You want to go boldly forth and have some fun! And who could blame you. So, you go to your trusty restaurant mobile app and look for suggestions. Problem is, it tells you about food, price and atmosphere, but it doesn’t tell you who goes there? What’s the point of going to a place that looks good on the app, but when you get there you find the clientele is roughly 40 years older than what you expected. You can assume that this is not going to be a fun evening. Enter Trist.

Or more specifically Trist

Trist is the restaurant mobile app that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Of course, it gives you all the information other restaurant apps do, but with a big difference. Trist will actually tell you, in real time, who is at the pub, and break it down by age grouping, and gender. Seriously, we would not kid you about this. You can check out Charlie’s Bar & Grill for example. It’s 7P.M. when you click on the app. Trist reports that there are x-number of patrons there, how many are male and female, and what their ages are. You happen to note that the ratio for males to females in your age group is 8 to 2. Since you’re a male this is not a good place to be (although it certainly might be if you’re a female!). So, you scroll down and find Bert’s Pub & Restaurant. The people there are predominately in your age group, and lo and behold – the male to female ratio is 3 to 7. This is more like it, and this is what you’ve been looking for.

It’s like having multiple lookouts in just about every bar/restaurant in NYC

And they all report back to you whenever you choose! Just go to and search to your heart’s delight. Result? No more boring, wasted evenings spent in your same-old pub. Instead, the only problem you’ll have is which of the thousands of restaurant/bars in NYC you can go to that meets your age and gender criteria. That’s Trist, and that’s why you should probably log on right now!

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